Lingua54 is an online learning platform for African  languages set to launch in June 2020. Lingua54 was started with the main goal of preserving and promoting what is currently today, over 2000 African languages, by providing a platform for African's in diaspora and African language enthusiasts to learn the language of a people, their history, culture and traditions from native speakers, most of who live in Africa.


At our launch Lingua54 will start by making Igbo, Twi and Yoruba classes available, while Ga, Somali and Swahili classes will become available shortly after and new African languages will be made available every month thereafter based on demand.


Our classes promise to be fun as our lesson plans are specially curated to enable individuals develop a deep understanding and mastery of whatever language they decide to learn within a short time.

Students can either opt for our private lesson option, or our classroom option with up to six (6) students per class. The classes will run for between 30 - 45 minutes and will taught be carefully selected and trained instructors. There will be classes for adults and classes for children too.

Kindly create a demand for any African language of your choice by registering and getting your family and friends to register too.